Social Media Marketing

A well-planned social media marketing campaign is crucial to a well-rounded marketing plan. A company that has a flashy website and zero efforts in social media loses out on the opportunity to connect with their customers and fans on a very real level. Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to name a few – why not join the conversation? At iFixit911 Repairs, we break down your goals with social media – how important it is to you and how active you want to be, and offer social media monitoring to manage who is chatting about you via social media and ways to connect with them. It’s important to have a social presence that links to your website and visa versa to achieve an even higher domain authority.

Social Media Monitoring

As much as we love good reviews from our customers, unfortunately people are much more vocal when they’ve had a negative customer service experience and sometimes go to review sites and social media to voice their complaints. With our social media monitoring service, we monitor your brand over all social media platforms. So when a customer tweets a complaint or bad experience – you can be there to respond.

Why Is Social Media Important?

Social media is a relatively new platform for some businesses looking to make the leap. They often ask why it’s important and what it can do for them and their business. It’s not a big secret that social media has changed both the business market and how we interact with one another and with brands (on average, we spent about 7 hours per month on social media sites in 2011, up from 2.7 hours in 2006.) A few bad Yelp reviews and also how you handle those reviews can have an impact on your business. The power of social media is incredible – and taking advantage of customer engagement opportunities is crucial to the success of a marketing strategy.