Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is hot – literally. But the reality remains – consumers are on their phones way more than the amount of money is spent by advertisers to reach them. Your consumers may not always be in front of the television, reading their favorite magazine or surfing the internet – but they always have their phone, and it’s usually always on.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the mobile space in marketing and advertising. If you are looking to connect with your consumers in the mobile space but aren’t sure of how to implement a campaign or where to begin – let us help. We will implement a strategic mobile marketing campaign based on consumer interests, searches and proximity to fully enhance your advertising and marketing efforts.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If someone does a search on Google via their smartphone, clicks on your website link and is taken to a webpage that is difficult to navigate – you may lose that customer and ultimately lose ROI. Mobile-friendly websites are crucial – since many search the internet on their phones, Google the nearest dentist in Davie, FL or search for the best Thai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A mobile-friendly website that is easiest to navigate, shop, book an appointment or make a reservation – or even to simply call your business – is a big game changer against your competitors.