Now you can order your usual drink at Starbucks with Amazon’s Alexa

Over the last couple of years, Starbucks has been finding new ways to make it easier for customers to order their drinks with its mobile phone add. Now with Amazon’s Alexa, you can place an order before you even leave the house. Amazon has added a new skill to Alexa via its Echo device: Starbucks Reorder. Once a user links their Starbucks account to their Amazon account, the...
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Complains about chipped paint on iPhone 7 Jet Black

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 Jet Black variant appeared to be potentially troublesome, as the company itself warned it could scratch easily. However, the matte variant of the phone is causing more trouble according to a number of complaints on Apple’s official support forums since November. Users say that the paint on the phone is chipping away, usually on the...
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Leaked image showing possible Galaxy S8

A new leaked photo uploaded to Chinese social network, Weibo, claims to be a picture of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. If the device in the image is legit, it’s the world’s first look at Samsung’s first flagship effort since the Galaxy Note 7 Saga. With the new image, we can notice that the bottom bezel of the phone’s front...
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